Santa Barbara Weddings - Brides & Vendors Share Their Experiences

Santa Barbara Weddings

Brides and Vendors Share Their Wedding Experiences.

Voted as one of the 10 best climate locations in the world, Santa Barbara Ca. The region is uniquely equipped to host wedding celebrations. The cities beaches, cliffs, rolling foothills, historic properties, beautiful parks, resorts, ranches and estates attract couples from around the country.  There is an abundance of beautiful wedding venues, it’s truly a wonderful place to have a wedding celebration. Voted as one of the 10 best climate locations in the world, Santa Barbara’s 65 degree weather in the winter and it’s 75 degree weather in the summer and fall are two reasons couples flock to the “American Riviera”.  The city’s geographical position is unique, it’s sits on a southward facing coastline.  In the winter, the sun both rises and sets on the water for unbelievable sunrises and sunsets, which many couples take advantage by selecting an outdoor wedding venue.

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