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Join Santa Barbara’s most comprehensive wedding vendor directory, Wedding Trends and Traditions.


Being listed in online business directories is a major aspect of online business marketing. Start increasing your online visibility and growing your business today!  The Wedding Trends and Traditions directory is your 24/7 advertising partner.

Listing your business on Wedding Trends and Traditions is a smart and cost-effective way of helping engaged couples find your business.

Promotion – Our team aggressively markets to engaged couples interested in the Santa Barbara area through social media and traditional advertising platforms. W.T.T. will allocate more money and time promoting the website and generating targeted traffic than the average small business will.

Video Marketing – Video Sells. Vendors are encouraged to upload video and slideshows presentations to promote their business.  Video presentations have proven to be highly effective.

Business directories are a major aspect of online business marketing. The benefits of listing your business on Wedding Trends and Traditions are:

  • Directories provide direct advertising exposure for your business.

  • Directories are smart and cost-effective marketing tools that help people find your business.

  • Directory listings improve your website’s search engine optimization.

  • Directory listings drive traffic to your website and business.

  • Directory listings help establish or reinforce your credibility.

  • Directory listings generate targeted traffic and allows you to speak directly to a niche audience

  • Directories advertise and promote their websites to engaged couples.